Kermanshah Imam Reza (AS) Hospital complex
Kermanshah Imam Reza (AS) Hospital complex
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About IMAM REZA Hospital Complex

This is kermanshah the unassailable fortress of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this is Imam Reza Hospital Complex, widely recognized as a leader in outstanding treatments in western Iran. This titanic complex, as the beating heart of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, boasts its overriding centers, such as:

· The educational and therapeutic center of Imam Reza Hospital, equipped with 800 beds, 24 active clinical wards, 100 special care beds, and 20 operating rooms.

· Golestan Burn Center, as the only burn center located in western Iran, with 50 beds, operating rooms, and BICU beds.

· The five-story comprehensive care clinic of Boostan with 60 specialized and subspecialized offices.

· The center for multidrug-resistant TB, and

· The all-inclusive cancer center with 120 beds and chemotherapy departments as well as its world-class high-tech radiotherapy equipment.

Among the other distinguishing features of this well-appointed hospital complex is its enjoyment of the first-over bone marrow transplantation and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation establishment in western Iran ,provision of a wide range of advanced imaging services ,including MRI, and nuclear medicine using the most up-to-dale MRI,CT Scan and angiography machines, and performing advanced surgeries such as urodynamic tests, PCNL, female pelvic laparoscopy, and laparoscopic urological surgeries, etc.

This renowned hospital also caters for patients through its renal transplant department , special care units of acute ischemic stroke , high-risk pregnancy department ,isolated respiratory rooms, and international patient department .

Last but not least, a proper groundwork has been provided for teaching medicine at Imam Reza Hospital Complex through getting full benefit from the largest center for clinical skills in western Iran and its 200 well-versed specialist and subspecialist as well as its enjoyment of diverse facilities , thereby pushing the boundaries of possibilities in this respect.

Imam Reza Hospital Complex

The Largest, Most Modern and Well-appointed Hospital in

western and Northern Iran

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Performance Scope:
Admission of foreign patients from the neighboring countries particularly Iraq and which is accomplished in two ways:
A. Outpatient admission: services related to check-up, diagnosis, and delivery of para-clinical and therapeutic affairs to international patient for less than 24 hours
B. Hospitalization: all services delivered to inpatients for more than 24 hours. More...

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  •  Level 3 hospital staircase in front of medical device unit, Imam Reza Hospital Kermanshah
    - Nurse Street - Kermanshah - Iran
  • Tel: +98 (83) 34 28 05 97
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