Kermanshah Imam Reza (AS) Hospital complex
Kermanshah Imam Reza (AS) Hospital complex
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Patient Stories

1. A 70-year-old woman

The patient was a 70-year-old woman with severe osteoarthritis that lead to her inability to stand up and walking and movements and knee deformity , which was performed simultaneously with bilateral knee replacement of the right and left knees, and was started by the patient's walker the day after surgery.

2. A 33-year-old man

A 33-year-old man with femoral head osteonecrosis that lead to limited hip range of motion and severe pain while walking and standing was treated with complete hip replacement surgery and was launched on the day after the surgery.

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Performance Scope:
Admission of foreign patients from the neighboring countries particularly Iraq and which is accomplished in two ways:
A. Outpatient admission: services related to check-up, diagnosis, and delivery of para-clinical and therapeutic affairs to international patient for less than 24 hours
B. Hospitalization: all services delivered to inpatients for more than 24 hours. More...

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  •  Level 3 hospital staircase in front of medical device unit, Imam Reza Hospital Kermanshah
    - Nurse Street - Kermanshah - Iran
  • Tel: +98 (83) 34 28 05 97
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