Kermanshah Imam Reza (AS) Hospital complex
Kermanshah Imam Reza (AS) Hospital complex
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Medical procedures
Specialized services of Neurology Department:
Treating patients stricken with acute cerebral stroke (code724).
Visit and treatment of patients with Multiple sclerosis .
Injection Botulinum toxin (dysport)in neurological disease that are indicated.
Specialized services of Neurosurgery Department:
Perform complex spine surgeries.
Perform surgeries on brain tumors and complex vascular lesions.
Management of patients with concussions and spine.
Specialized services of Infectious diseases Department :
Diagnosis and treatment of infectious, viral, bacterial, fungal, HIV, and tuberculosis diseases.
Performing diagnostic procedures including different sampling of tissues such as liver, bone, sinusitis, pleural and peritone.
Specialized services of Radiology Department:
Perform reports on simple radiographic interpretation, CT scan and MRI patients.
Perform patient ultrasound.
Performed FNA.
Perform angiography and interventional diagnostic measures.
Perform the TAP of the ascites and pleural patients.
Coverage of all patients in need of emergency imaging in the province's hospitals all days of the week.
Specialized services of Urology Department:
Perform all urological surgeries, including open surgery, endurology and laparoscopy.
Surgery for urinary incontinence and infertility in transplant men.
Kidney transplant.
Perform specialized urodynamic diagnostic operations.
Specialized services of Anesthesia Department:
Perform anesthesia in all surgeries.
Visiting patients in ICU wards.
Perform all types of analgesia.
OK anesthesia.
Outpatient anesthesia in MRI, lithotripsy, angiography.
Anesthesia in bronchoscopic and gastrointestinal procedures such as ERCP anesthesia.
ECT anesthesia, burns, plastic surgery and painless delivery.
Performing hypnosis therapy in physiological deliveries.
Specialized services of Internal Department:
Diagnostic and therapeutic measures of gastrointestinal tract include:
Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.
Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy.
Treatment of liver disease, gastric bleeding.
Bronchoscopy, Lung Biopsy, Pleural Tap, Asthma Treatment and Allergies.
Joint fluid aspiration and fluid analysis after drug injection into the joint.
Kidney biopsy, catheterization, treatment of kidney disease, treatment of chronic hypertension, dialysis for patients in need of dialysis.
biopsy, treatment of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, treatment of diabetes.
Chemotherapy, bone marrow sampling, peripheral blood smear, plasma milling and treatment of anemias.
Specialized services of Skin Department:
Treatment of various skin diseases.
Doing all kinds of skin lasers.
fungal diseases.
Specialized services of Eye Department:
Perform all eye surgeries and treatment of eye diseases.
Treatment of various eye diseases such as corneal and retinal diseases.
Cataract surgery.
Installation of permanent intraocular lenses to correct refractive errors.
Treatment of intraocular lesions through surgeries such as pterygium.
Treatment of glaucoma with glaucoma surgery.
Diagnosis and correction of ocular deviation with strabismus surgery.
Treatment of cataracts with lens and fico cataract surgery.
Elimination of retinal diseases in diabetic patients through Austin, laser and etc.
Treatment of all types of eye injuries.
Treatment of lacrimal duct obstruction through surgery.
Specialized services of Emergency Medicine Department:
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Epidemiology and accident prevention (home, occupational, road).
Epidemiology, etiology and control of high-risk behaviors in young people with emphasis on education and attitude change.
Epidemiology and prevention Early detection of treatment and rehabilitation of substance abuse.
Epidemiology, etiology and control of delinquency and behavioral disorders (with emphasis on violence, etc.).
Improving the system of registration of diseases and deaths with emphasis on non-communicable diseases and risk factors.

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Performance Scope:
Admission of foreign patients from the neighboring countries particularly Iraq and which is accomplished in two ways:
A. Outpatient admission: services related to check-up, diagnosis, and delivery of para-clinical and therapeutic affairs to international patient for less than 24 hours
B. Hospitalization: all services delivered to inpatients for more than 24 hours. More...

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